WinMed HIS

Intermed Systems Inc.

Patient Account Management

Patient Inquiry

Patient Inquiry   Information


Patient inquiry has access to current patients, receivable accounts, and history accounts. There are options to control the sequencing in the listing of patients. There are seven filters for selecting patients. There are functions for printing all of the information contained in these inquiry screens. There are eleven detailed screens so that all detail information regarding each account can be reviewed.


Patient Maintenance

Maintenance   Maintenance


Patient maintenance features a worksheet which is produced each day for accounts that need maintenance or follow up. The worksheet can be filtered with five different filters. If the patient account is assigned to a patient representative filtering will happen automatically. As patients are followed up, that can be cleared from the worksheet.



Patient Reporting  Trial Balalne

Patient Management Reporting

The reporting functions in Patient Management not only has patient account reporting but also has detailed analysis of revenue, DRG's and HCPCS. There are reporting analysis for all control information such as financial classification, doctors, and other classifications. All of these reporting functions are selective as shown in the trial balance selections.