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Materials Management


   M/M Inquiry  M/M Inquiry


Inquiry for materials management shows detailed information regarding the inventory items. They can be displayed by item name, item description, or department item number. The inquiry screen will show the on hand, received, on order, and back ordered quantity. The inquiry can be filtered by department, and the detail about a selected item will be displayed. The user can select to view the purchase orders details for the selected inventory item. The screen of the right will display the detail information on purchase orders for the selected item. The user can also select the history for a selected inventory item and will be shown billable and non-billable data for the inventory item.



M/M Maintenance  M/M Pricing  


Inventory item maintenance allows all the user to set up three levels of packaging. One can then use one of the three levels for purchasing and use one of the three levels for issuing. The user can also select to make the item chargeable and billable. The second maintenance screen is used to reflect quantities and pricing information. The markup information is used to update the patient accounting charging.


Inventory Control

   M/M Issues  M/M Receiving

Issue and Receiving

The two major functions in material management is issuing inventory items and receiving purchase orders. The above screen shows these two functions in Material Management. The issuing screen shows the item selected to issue, the department that it is issue to, and the quantity to be issued. When all issuing has been completed and the user exits, a detailed report for the workstation issuing the items will be printed. The screen of the right is used to receive purchase orders into inventory. One can select a single item on the purchase order or all of the items on the purchase order. The quantity that was ordered will be change to the quantity received and the remainder will be placed on backorder.