WinMed HIS

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Admission Discharges Transfers

Patient Inquiry

   ADT Inquiry  Bed Board


Patient inquiry has access to admitted patients, receivable accounts, history accounts, current orders, and history orders. There are options to control the sequence in the listing of patients. There are six filters to select patients. There is also a function to print all of the information contained in these inquiry screens. There are seven patient detail screens so that all detailed information regarding each account can be reviewed. There is a function to view the current bed board.


Patient Admission

   Admission  Detail Admission


The admission process will first display a bed board screen for inpatient admissions and alpha lists of current patients if they are outpatient admits. The functions menu at the top of the screen contains all items need to manage admissions. When admission function is selected, the user will be walked thru the five screen to admit the patient after which the forms and other information is generated. The highlighted fields are required entry during the admission process.



   ER Log  Transfer Log

Log Information

The A-D-T system contains a ER log and a Transfer log. The ER log captures all patients admitted as emergency room patients. The function provides maintenance and reporting for these patients. The transfer log is used to catalog all patients that are transferred to another facility. The transfer log contains all required information by Medicare.