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Agency Billing



The Agency Billing System is used to generate specialized billing for accounts outside the hospital. These accounts or agencies which usually refer a large volume of patients to the hospital for ancillary services or treatment. Once established, these agency accounts will receive billing statements on a monthly basis, itemizing patients for the services rendered.


Agency Inquiry


   Agency Inquiry  Agency Inquiry Detail


Agency inquiry displays all agency accounts. The information will list account information with the address, phone number and current balance. The detail display will display the account name and address with phone number. The financial information will reflect the balance, charges, credits, and total payments. The dates that are displayed are last payment and last billed. There will be a summary of the ageing of the charges. The bottom of the display will list all patients for the current month, with a tab to display the history of patients seen from this agency


Account Posting

Maintenance   Maintenance


The posting of charges can be done with the above posting screens or with an automated interface from the ancillary department performing the service. The first screen is a batch control screen. The second screen is the posting of the charge to the agency's account. The charge item and the patient identification will be entered and posted. There are selections for posting payments and adjustments within this function.



Maintenance   Maintenance


The account reporting prints all accounts or selective accounts by the Agency. The report itemizes transactions for the current month, including total charges, total payments, previous balance, current balance, and adjustments. There is a function within the reporting to generate monthly billing to each agency.